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Volkswagen Polo 6N
By doggy, 06/01/2005
  • Model sub-category N/A - Δεν διαθέτει
  • Color Red
  • Price 11000
  • Year 1995
  • Odometer 230000
  • Odometer Unit Kilometers
  • Description It was a small 1000cc red 6N that I bought at a used cars shop. It was my first own car and I was intending to keep it for about a year or so and then to buy a new car...<br />But as the months passed by, I "fell in love" with it more and more, so the first audio installation took place nad then the 14" rims came... then it's first set of Bilstein/Viden with 50mm lowering, came along... afterwards a full exhaust system by Sebring & a Green air intake kit... and finaly a roof spoiler... <br />All these along with a lot o private work (painting its front grille, installing "eye-browns", change taillights from the 6N2 and other things) made me realize that this is the car I want to have!<br /><br />Then some real mods took place... I changed the rimms with the 15" OZ Superleggera, installed a really good ICE... and then the 1st big project... the car was re-painted using BMW red color and had a "face-lift"... clean trunk, badboy hood, new front/rear bumpers, side skirts installed and 280mm brakes front-226mm brakes back... but I wasn't fully satisfied yet... then the 2nd project came along... a new motor (1.4) & a turbo installation.... so it was done...<br /><br />Right now I have a car that satisfies me quite enough... but the story still goes on, the story has not ended yet....<br /><br />update: as I head said... the story still goes on... a beautifull pair of FK Angel Eyes installed.... Let me place all these as seperate mods on the car!<br /><br />And we start the moding with a pure Polo 6N 1050cc...
  • Engine Technology N/A - Δεν ορίστηκε
  • Cubism N/A - Δεν ορίστηκε
  • Gearbox Δεν έχει οριστεί
  • BlueMotion Technology Δεν έχει οριστεί


είναι είναι.... αλλά τι να κάνεις, έτσι είναι... όταν σ'αρέσει κάτι... του τα σπρώχνεις :p

Δε πειράζει δεν μετανιώνω... άντε για 1-2 πράγματα να το έχω μετανιώσει...

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Doggy καταπληκτική δουλειά στο αμάξι σου και ιδιαίτερα στο μοτέρ σου! Το έχεις δυναμομετρήσει?

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Α! και ναι το είχα δυναμομετρήσει (το πρόγραμμα στον Lancia εγκέφαλό μου έγινε στον Δημητριάδη ;) οπότε μετρήθηκε παράλληλα).

Επίσης... εε.... τα νέα λάστιχα και αμορτισέρ να τα προσθέσω εδώ?

Αν ναι θα ξεφύγουμε πάλι σε χρήματα ;)

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