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VW Polo Power Steering Issue

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Have a 2006 Polo with an odd power steering issue. It works fine if the car is left for a longer period of time (whilst at work or over night) but will stop working if I take it to the shops or a short journey (fine on way there but stops working on way home)

Always either works or doesn't when I start the car and never mid drive. Wife called RAC one time when it happened to her and he plugged in diagnostic, cleared the error for her and it started working fine for her drive home.

Any ideas what sort of thing might be causing this issue?



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That sounds like done sort of short circuit somewhere on the harness, without being an expert on this
What was the error that they had to clear?

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Check these in order:
1. Fuse (change them anyway)
2. Alternator cables - Ground cables
Accelerate over 3000rpm when it stops working and check if it’s ok
3. Pump (already mentioned)

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